Probably, you’re on the brink of a big move that requires the use of blankets, boxes and other packing materials. There’s no need to worry because InstaMovers Inc is the right company to help you out. And why are we the best moving company for you?

At InstaMovers Inc, we boast of a great reputation in helping people achieve their moving needs. We have been in operation for years and our long-standing experience clarifies that we’re professionals. What happens when you opt for InstaMovers Inc?

Frankly enough, we strive hard to offer you customer-friendly services at all times and our reliable moving team ensures that you don’t experience any disappointment while conveying your items or belongings from one place to another.

On many grounds, our professionalism speaks louder than our words. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check out our collection of packing materials in preparation for your moving plans whether across local or long distances.

Interestingly, we have a broad collection of packing materials our box varieties include:

  • Extra large box for conveying very sizeable but light items such as baskets, pans, Tupperware, large pillows, large lampshades, etc.
  • Large box for conveying fairly sizeable and light items such as baskets, seasonal decorations, bed linens, dry goods, pillows, towels, dry goods, etc.
  • Wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes in a neat fashion. In which is helpful to transport clothing from one closet to the next
  • Dish Packing Kit securing your dishes, glassware, and fine china

Also among our miscellaneous packing materials, you will find materials such as:

  • packing peanuts
  • paper pads
  • tie-down ropes
  • bubble wrap ½ bubble wrap 3/16
  • unprinted packing paper
  • tapes, universal mattress boxes, mirror boxes, etc.

At InstaMovers Inc, we’re customer-friendly and that’s why we try as much as we can to
ensure customers receive the best treatment. Our system generates the size of your move to determine the quantity of boxes and supplies needed at the time of service. This system assists our customers so that you will not purchase any unused materials.

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